What is a specification?

Before you start editing your images, you need to let Quik.ai know some rules you would like to apply for editing. For that exact purpose, we have created a specification, which is a set of image editing parameters that you define based on your preferences. 

Creating a specification is an essential part of the product image editing process and we encourage you to start there. 

We tried to make the experience of working with the specification as intuitive as it could be, however, just in case you can find some instructions on this page. 

What can you do with a specification? 

First things first, you need to create a specification please check it here.

You can define  sizing, margins, and alignments of all the images you would like to process. 

You can select the  background removal options if you would like.  

If you want to learn more about smart cropping, please check it out here

You also can work with the shadow options here. 

Once the specification has been created, you can proceed with the order creation

We hope this guide was helpful! 

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