How to create an order? order allows you to organise your images in a batch and to apply certain rules for processing through a specification.  

Order creation consists of 2 steps: 

Step1. Select a specification

You click on "Start A New Order" button on the dashboard. 

From here you would need to select a specification you would like to use for this order by clicking the "Select" link.

Alternatively, you can click "Start New Upload" link on the relevant specification.

 Step 2. Upload images

Once the specification is selected you are entering the screen for your image upload. 

Here you can upload your images by clicking on "Browse" link or dragging and dropping your images. 

You need to wait for your images to be uploaded. 

After that, you can start processing your order by clicking  the "Start Processing" button that will appear once all the images have been successfully uploaded to

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